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Emma’s Florist Flower School in Suffolk

Learn lifelong skills bound to impress with Emma’s Florist’s flower workshops in Suffolk. Work alongside a knowledgeable, professional florist with experience in the industry to create delicate hand-tied bouquets, beautiful terrariums, colourful floral arrangements and more. 

Emma’s flower school provides easy-to-follow and enjoyable in-person flower arranging courses targeted to anyone with a love for flowers or interest in floristry. From intermediate and beginner-level florists to hobbyists and everyone in-between, there’s a workshop or course option for everyone. 
We’re proud to offer floristry workshop places and tuition to attendees from age 16 and up – helping budding florists learn the tricks of the trade and develop their understanding of all things flowers! Whether you’re looking for a fun activity for a celebration, want to give floristry a try, or are new to the industry and looking to develop your skills and portfolio, you’ll find your place here.
Florist School In Suffolk

Our Flower Workshops and Courses…

We provide a range of educational and enjoyable floristry courses following different themes, all of which use beautiful seasonal blooms. Our workshop list is ever-changing and we frequently add new courses throughout the year.

Red And Pink Wedding Table Arrangement

Wedding Floristry Course

A new addition to our course list for 2022. Spend two enjoyable days with an experienced wedding florist learning the art of wedding flower prep and design. Begin with a glass of prosecco on arrival and drinks throughout the day. Boost your confidence by working both individually and as a team to create bold and beautiful wedding flower arrangements such as a bridal bouquet, archway, pedestal arrangement, and buttonhole. You’ll get to take away your smaller arrangements to give them pride of place in your home, and benefit from beautiful, professionally captured images of your floral archway to add to your portfolio.

Muted Colour Mixed Bouquet With Green Foliage

Hand-Tied Bouquet Workshop

Learn how to create stunning hand-tied bouquets with seasonal flowers and foliage. From preparing and conditioning the flowers to arranging and displaying them in a colourful array, you’ll create a bouquet that you can take home with you, bound to wow any recipient!

Terrarium Making Workshop

Build Your Own Terrarium Workshop

In this 60-90 minute floristry workshop, you’ll be guided through creating your own beautiful terrarium. Learn all of the skills needed to effectively prepare, assemble and care for your terrarium to keep it fresh and long-lasting once you take it home.

Pink Flowers and Green Foliage On A Table

Floral Arrangement Workshop

Learn the art of perfect flower arrangement from an experienced florist, and craft a showstopping arrangement in a container provided on the day. After you’ve perfected your beautiful seasonal display, you’ll be able to give it pride of place in your home.

Brown And Green Christmas Door Wreath

Christmas Wreath Making Workshop

Join us for our fun Christmas wreath-making workshop! Guided by an experienced florist, learn how to craft your own beautiful wreath that you can take home with you and display on your door, using seasonal foliage and a wide selection of adornments. A great activity to do on your own, with friends or with colleagues, come and enjoy a festive evening of mulled wine, mince pies and creativity!

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Private and Corporate Flower Arranging Workshops

At Emma’s Florist, we are proud to offer fun, private and corporate team-building workshops for your company or group. We take on teams of a variety of sizes – providing an enjoyable day where colleagues, friends, and family can work together to create beautiful flower arrangements. Contact us to discuss prices and any additional requirements for your team.

Course Instructor

Professional Florist

Emma is a knowledgeable professional florist with over 25 years of practical industry experience, as well as BTEC levels 1, 2 and 3 and a Diploma qualification in the field. Her standout portfolio includes bespoke wedding flowers, hand-tied bouquets, a range of occasion flowers and much more! Over her years of experience in the industry, she’s developed an enviable level of skill and knowledge; displaying a real passion for her work, that she’s ready to pass on to you through her flower school workshops.

Emmas Florist

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Floristry Workshop FAQ’s

Floristry courses can range in price depending on the course provider, duration of the course, level of professionalism and types or quantities of materials used. A floristry course often costs anywhere between under £50 for someone who is interested in getting a feel for floristry to over £600 for more professional and specific courses. It is important to do the research and find the best course for you, ensuring that the modules or course content are of interest to you and that it fits within your price range.

There are a number of online and in-person courses that anybody of any age or ability can take to gain experience and insight into the floristry industry. These online courses can also be broken down into specific themes, such as wedding floristry, flower arranging, hand-tied bouquets and more - meaning that you’ll generally be able to gain floristry experience in the specific area that you are interested in.

How long a floristry course will be depends on the course you’re taking. A more expensive course will most likely have a longer duration, although this is a generalisation. But, this is dependent on each specific course, so it’s important to research and look at times when booking a floristry course. Courses can take anywhere from 1 or 2 hours to spanning over multiple days or months.

Generally, the cost of training to become a qualified florist depends on the type of course or training that you are undertaking. Professional courses (such as wedding flower courses) are often more expensive than short courses for beginners. There are a number of online or in-person courses that tailor themselves to different budgets, as well as opportunities to learn on the job and learn whilst earning, or to complete an apprenticeship or BTEC.

If you have an interest in flowers or pursuing floristry as a career, then it is definitely worth doing a floristry course to develop your skills or get a feel for the work that a florist does. Floristry courses are not all very expensive. There are many courses both online and in-person that somebody interested in floristry could undertake that do not break the bank, and will help them to improve their abilities and develop new skills. 

Firstly, removing leaves from the stems of your selected flowers will reduce the bulk of the weight and ensure that your bouquet looks more full with flowers! Then, select your first flower, and place another flower at an angle to create a fuller look. Continue to add flowers, as you rotate the bouquet slightly, around the focal flower. Finish with some filler flowers to give more body, tie the flowers together and cut all the stems to be the same length at the end. For tips on creating the perfect bouquet, why not sign up for an online or in-person hand-tied bouquet workshop?

Taking a flower design course can be a fun activity to do on your own or with a loved one. It will also equip you with practical skills that you can use in the future to arrange beautiful flowers on your own, which would make great gifts.

The content of your course will vary depending on the workshop that you book. Generally, you will learn how to care for the foliage, cut down stems, beautifully arrange your flowers and the correct aftercare routine to ensure that your flowers remain fresh for as long as possible!

Many flower arranging workshops provide everything that you will need to create your flower arrangements, and this is included in the price. However, you may wish to bring an apron with you to prevent any mess from the flowers from getting onto your clothing. Ensure that you check the website or order form of the flower arranging workshop you have signed up for to see if they have specified that you need to bring anything.

In most smaller workshops, such as hand-tied bouquets, terrariums or flower arrangement workshops, you are able to take home the arrangements that you create. However, for larger displays or arrangements created as a team (such as wedding arches), you will need to check with your course leader or provider whether you are permitted to take any creations home with you.