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Funeral Flower Arrangements

Whether you are seeking beautiful funeral flower arrangements, or wish to show sympathy for a loss close to the heart of someone dear, Emma’s Florist can provide the perfect floral tribute.

From delicate posies and bespoke baskets to beautiful wreaths and colourful coffin sprays, our carefully crafted range of funeral and sympathy flowers offer an exquisite way to remember a family member, friend, or loved one. 

Each of our arrangements is offered with nationwide delivery. This means that, wherever your location in the UK, you can have your beautiful funeral flowers delivered directly to you.

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Browse our collection of beautiful, fresh funeral flower arrangements and remembrance flowers and discover the perfect tribute to your loved one. We hope that our online gallery inspires you!

Our Funeral Flowers for UK Delivery

Click below to shop our extensive collection of funeral flowers, and find the perfect blooms to remember your loved one by. With Emma’s Florist, you can order or send funeral and sympathy flowers for hassle-free delivery nationwide, or collect from our flower shop in Ipswich, Suffolk. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and reassurance, or to discuss a bespoke funeral arrangement.

Funeral Tribute Letters

Create beautiful remembrance flowers with our selection of bespoke letters. With a variety of different options to choose from, spell their name in stunning fresh flowers for a very personal tribute.

Based Tribute Letters - £30 per letter

Open Cut Floral Tribute Letters - £45 per letter


Discuss Your Funeral Flowers

We understand that planning a funeral can be a very stressful time. Therefore, our florists are on hand to discuss your funeral flower options with you, helping you create the perfect remembrance flowers with ease and empathy. If you are in need of some additional reassurance or don’t see the perfect flower arrangements for you in our online store, please contact us, and a member of our experienced team of Suffolk florists will get in touch with you.

Funeral Flower Arrangements FAQs

Depending on the type of flower that you would like, whether or not your chosen blooms are in season, the number of stems required, and the complexity of the arrangement, funeral flowers can cost up to £400 and over. However, more affordable flower options are available, and it is wise to browse a variety of arrangement styles, flower types, and sellers to find the best price option and flowers to suit your needs. An experienced and knowledgeable florist will be able to help you to find the perfect funeral arrangement to remember your loved one within your budget.

Our funeral flower arrangements are put together in a way that allows them access to a constant water source, meaning that they will remain fresh all day long - making them a wonderful tribute at the funeral. After the funeral service, flowers will typically last up to two weeks before spoiling. If you are seeking longer lasting flowers, our florists recommend lilies, alstroemeria and orchids - all of which are very beautiful in a wreath or other funeral arrangement! 

You may choose to dry your flowers by hanging them in a warm or dry room. This will make them last longer, although they will not have the same fresh appearance.

Sending funeral flowers can help to lift the mood of people affected by loss - after all, simply showing that you care about them can often be the best thing that you can do during a difficult time. Generally speaking, flowers are a common gift, and many people send sympathy flowers as a kind gesture to show their compassion - unless the bereaved family has specifically asked otherwise. 


Sympathy flowers are often sent immediately following a loss. However, you may choose to wait a few weeks until after the funeral. This kind gesture still shows that you are thinking of the recipient.

Lilies are the flowers that are most commonly associated with a funeral, particularly in the colour white. This is because they are said to represent peace, dignity and grace. Lilies are also often associated with ‘a peaceful state of innocence’. Some other popular funeral flowers include red roses (a symbol of love and grief), orchids (evoking everlasting love for the deceased), chrysanthemums (representing trust, friendship and loyalty) and pink carnations (symbolising remembrance). Doing your own research into the meaning of flowers and colours can be very comforting, and can help you to find the perfect flowers for your loved one’s funeral arrangement.

To save additional stress, it is recommended to order flowers with enough time for them to be delivered a day or two before the funeral. The vast majority of funeral flowers can be delivered at relatively short notice (under a week) - but some providers may request a longer window of notice. In addition to this, some bespoke arrangements may take longer to collate. 

If you are ordering funeral flowers online, be sure to check the listed delivery dates or timing requirements of the seller, as every company will likely have slightly different delivery times.